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Our Story

Justin and Shuntay Wright created their second business, Small Task in 2018. A motivated husband and wife moved to Austin TX from Northern California to build their business.

When they first got to Austin, Justin worked doing odd jobs for TaskRabbit or doing orders for favor. Shuntay kept the finances under control by taking a traditional job for consistency with pay. 
With there situation stabilizing, they focused on starting the business. They knew offering handyman services was the best option because they both were good at home/office repairs, furniture assembly, and painting.

They picked Small Task as a business name, it wasn't so bad, and the theme applied perfect to what they envisioned, small jobs. As they settled on Small Task, they begin marketing and building there brand.

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Justin Wright/Founder

I'm always doing something, from painting, web based marketing, graphic design, building things, handyman work, providing good customer service, sales, delivery's, etc. I like to be well prepared, and I'm eager for the next opportunity. Outside of work I relax and enjoy family time.