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On this page, you will find the most commonly asked question and answers.

question and answers included on this page

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1. Question: I don't have any cash, can I use a debit or credit card?

Answer: Yes, we accept debit/credit card and cash.

2. Question: How/when do I make a payment?

Answer: You pay the handyman after the work is complete, with cash or card.

3. Question: If prepayment is required for the handyman to start working, how do I make a prepayment?

Answer: Prepayments are made by Invoice, we will send you an invoice by email that must be paid immediately, before your handyman can start working.

see our pricing page for more information



1. Question: How much is your general handyman services?

Answer: The prices vary (depending on the complexity of the job) click here to get a price quote

2. Question: Can I negotiate the price?

Answer:  Unfortunately, at this time we don't except negotiations.

3. Question: Can I leave my handyman a tip?

Answer:  Yes, you can tip your handyman, with cash or card.

With Card: After payment is made with a card the device will ask you to leave a tip or move on.


Cancellation Fee


1. Question: How much is your cancellation fee?

Answer: Our cancellation fee is $20 and it only applies if a person cancels within 8 hours of your appointment.

2. Question: I need to cancel my appointment, will I be charged a cancellation fee?

Answer:  you will only be charged a cancellation fee ($20) if you cancel within 8 hours of your appointment.

click here for our refund and cancellation policy

Same/Next Day Service


1. Question: What will I be charged for same day service?

Answer: You will be billed a minimum of $50 or the original price quote

2. Question: Does it cost extra for next day service?

Answer: No, next day service is our standard listing price.

3. Question: Do you offer same day service for painting?

Answer:  Unfortunately, at this time we only offer next day service for painting.

see our pricing page for more information

Quick Fixes


1. Question: How long will it take to complete a quick fix project?

Answer: Quick fixes are typically 1-2 hours long and can be done the same day if needed.

2. Question: Dose quick fixes price only apply to general handyman services?

Answer: Quick fixes price only applies to general handyman services, painting has its own pricing.

3. Question: I think my project is a quick fix but it is not listed, How do I find out my project's category?

Answer: If you're unsure what category your project is under, you can call us (512-439-9816) or email us ( and we will let you know.

General Handyman Services


1. Question: Can I pay a flat rate for general handyman services?

Answer: Yes, The prices vary (depending on the complexity of the job) click here to get a price

2. Question: Hi, you recently built an IKEA vanity/sink for my bathroom. I need it installed, can you do it or should I call a plumber?

Answer:  A plumber is needed for a connection or plumbing installation. 



1. Question: If a ceiling is higher than 12 feet tall, are you able to paint them?

Answer: If you have a ceiling higher then 12feet tall, we must view the job before we can give you a price quote.

2. Question: Is 1 Day the fastest you offer for me to get a painting project completed?

Answer: Yes, 1-day service is the fastest we offer, but depending on your project size the time frame varies.


3. Question: Can a painter add additional cost to the total?

Answer:  Yes, Some projects require sanding, nail hole filler, paint removal, diluting of paint, extra mixing, extra prep time - if additional cost is required, it will be up to the painter to determine the amount.

See Our Painting Page For More Information

Furniture Assembly


1. Question: What is the price for IKEA, Wayfair, and Amazon furniture assembly?


  • $25/hour for single piece of furniture
  • $20/hour for multiple pieces of furniture (up to 4 pieces for one appointment)

2. Question: I lost the instruction to my furniture, can you still assembly it?

Answer:  Yes, but it might take more time. Since we charge hourly, the price could possibly be higher.

See Our Handyman Page For More Information



1. Question: What is the fastest way to get a reply on a price quote?

Answer: Calling us or live chatting with us (on website: Lower left side of screen) is the fastest option. If you do not need a immediate reply you can email us.

2. Question: How do I leave you a review?

Answer:  You can leave us a review by going to the right side
of home page (sidebar), or by going to the reviews page.



1. Question: How often do you have promotions or deals?

Answer: We have promotions or deals about 1-2 times a month (the exact time varies).

2. Question: What kind of promotions do you have?

Answer:  We offer discounts on furniture assembly, painting, and other small projects (the exact amount varies).

Live Chat


1. Question: When is live chat available?

Answer: You can Live Chat with Justin or another team member of Small Task, Mon-Sat: 9am to 5 pm but you have the option to leave us a message anytime (we typically respond within 24hrs).

2. Question: Can I schedule an appointment using Live Chat?

Answer:  Yes, you can use the Live Chat option for scheduling an appointment, pricing, or any other question you may have.

3. Question: Is Live Chat available on Sunday?

Answer:  No, Live Chat is unavailable on Sundays.

Live Chat is located on the lower left-hand side of this website, on every page (Desktop Only).

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