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  •  Question: What type of payments are excepted?
  •  Answer: We accept debit/credit card, check and cash. Invoicing and online payments are available in certain situations.


  •  Question: When am I required to make a payment?
  •  Answer: You pay the handyman before (in some cases) and after the work is complete.


  •  Question: Do you accept cashier’s checks or money orders?
  •  Answer: No. At this time Small Task does not accept Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders.


  •  Question: Are down payments required for work to begin? 
  •  Answer: Down payments are required for jobs ($300 or more). Typically down payments are 30% – 50% upfront and the rest upon completion of work.

Down Payments

  •  Question: Why are prepayment payments required?
  •  Answer: Prepayment is required if the customer is not present for the job. (Note: For jobs larger than $500 – If prepayment is required $100% will be paid upfront)


  •  Question: Do you charge by the hour? 
  •  Answer: No, We charge by the job. We do have certain projects with a set price (you can view the Quick Price Quote page for pricing and quotes)


  •  Question: How much is your cancellation fee? 
  •  Answer: Our cancellation fee is $20 and it only applies if a person cancels within 8 hours of your appointment

Cancellation Fee

  •  Question: Can I cancel my appointment with out being charged the cancellation fee? 
  •  Answer: Yes, you can cancel your appointment anytime within 8 hours of your scheduled appointment. (you will be charged a cancellation fee ($20) if you cancel within 8 hours of your appointment.)

Cancellation Fee

  •  Question: How much dose same day service cost?
  •  Answer: It cost a minimum of $100 or the original price quote

Same/Next Day Service

  •  Question 1: Do you offer same day service for painting? 
  •  Answer 1: Unfortunately, at this time we only offer next day service for painting. 

Same/Next Day Service

  •  Question 1: How do I find out if my project is a quick?
  •  Answer 1: If you’re unsure what category your project is under, you can call us or email us and we will let you know 

Quick Fixes

  •  Question 1: How do I find out if my project is a quick?
  •  Answer 1: If you’re unsure what category your project is under, you can call us or email us and we will let you know 

Quick Fixes

  •  Question: What type of handyman services do you offer?
  •  Answer: We offer a variety of services from painting, drywall repair, interior/exterior home repair, moving/hauling, furniture assembly, pressure washing, etc. click here to get a price

Handyman Services

  •  Question: Do you provide minor electrical or plumbing services?
  •  Answer: No, at this time we do not offer electrical or plumbing services.

Handyman Services

  •  Question: If a ceiling is higher than 12 feet tall, are you able to paint them?
  •  Answer: Yes, If you have a ceiling higher then 12feet tall, we must view the job before we can give you a price quote.


  •  Question: Is 1 Day the fastest you offer for me to get a painting project completed?
  •  Answer: es, 1-day service is the fastest we offer, but depending on your project size the time frame varies. 


  •  Question 1: What is the fastest way to get a price quote?
  •  Answer 1: Calling, texting, or emailing us is the fastest option. If you do not need an immediate reply you can email us.click here to get a price


  •  Question 1: How do I leave you a review?
  •  Answer 1: You can leave us a review by going to the reviews page.


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