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All pricing on this page are estimates - the pricing section on this page is to give you an idea of how we determine the price of your project.

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Painted Outdoor Shed cream with brown trim

Residential/Commercial Room Sizes (Pricing)

Large 700 - 1100 sq ft

medium 300 - 700 sq ft

Small 0 - 300 sq ft

$1.50 Per SQ Ft


Pricing is listed by the square footage

Additional Painting Projects

Sanding Various Items If Needed


  • Garage Door
  • Spot Painting/Touch Up
  • Trim/Baseboards
  • Patio Deck (Paint Or Stain)
  • Hand Paint Only
  • Color Matching - We Do Not Guarantee The Color Will Be Exactly The Same - Better For Blending (Touch Up Existing Paint)

Fast 1 Day Turn Around Painting Jobs

Caulking/Sealing, Included If Needed

  • Paint Wall
  • Spot Painting/Touch Up
  • Paint Window Frame
  • Paint Door Frame
  • Painting Furniture
  • and any other small job that can be completed in 1-day.

Applies to single projects only

If you need help getting ready for a painting project?

we can also help with our prep for painting services!

  • Pressure Washing
  • Paint Removing
  • Drywall Repair
  • Caulking
  • Sanding
  • Pre Treating Wood Before Paint (Water Proof, Etc.)

A Extra $10 May Be Added To The Price

If the room has windows, glass doors, part wood/carpet flooring, or any other alterations to the room/office, that will take additional time for prep/masking, an extra $10 may be added to the price.

Time Frame

Basic Painting Jobs: Painting a room/office could take up to 2 days, but typically it takes 1 day.



We Must Come Out And View The Job Before We Give You A Price Quote.

  1. If You Need Your Entire Home Or Individual Offices (3+) Painted
  2. For Jobs 1,100 Sq Feet Or More
  3. Ceiling Higher Then 12feet Tall
  4. All Exterior Work

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Some projects require sanding, nail hole filler, paint removal, diluting of paint, extra mixing, extra prep time - if additional cost is required, it will be up to the painter to determine the amount.